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Due to increasing size and new ultra thin designs, today’s flat panel TVs can tip when bumped or pulled, causing them to topple off furniture, potentially causing injury or even death.  In support of Dr. Gary Smith’s findings and solutions, SANUS® encourages parents to take proper precautions to decrease these preventable accidents by mounting TVs in the home.  This year, SANUS® and Safe Kids Worldwide partnered to educate consumers about the risk of unsecured flat panel TVs tipping and provide safety solutions.

Safe Kids Worldwide is engaging local coalitions for a grass roots educational movement while SANUS® recently launched an educational site,, as well as a national safety awareness consumer ad campaign.  TV tip-over deaths are needless and steps can be taken to decrease these preventable accidents from occurring.  Use of a flat panel TV wall mount is a safe and secure way to avoid injury.  At SANUS®, safety is the #1 priority and the company takes extensive measures and works with independent safety certification agencies to ensure that SANUS® TV mounts meet US safety standards.

“The growing rate of injuries associated with TV tip-overs is sobering,” said Steve Decker, President – Consumer Products, SANUS®.  “We believe wall mounting provides a safer alternative to an unsecured TV.  It is our goal, through this partnership and safety initiative, to reduce TV tip-over related injuries and help create a safer environment in the home.”

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