Kate Gosselin’s Feeding Frenzy

Kate Gosselin took to her blog to help other parents feed their children healthy foods. Here are here five tips in achieving this goal:

First of all, I have always focused on nutrition– healthy and organic
eating and have taught my kids along the way. We celebrate flavor and
healthy choices in our house. Each meal consists of all food groups in
different and exciting presentations!

Second, I started to feed as much variety to each of them as possible
just as soon as they were old enough to have a spoon in their mouths!
If they didn’t like a particular food, I continued feeding it until
they changed their minds! I still do that today! If the majority
doesn’t like a meal, I’ll sneak it in again and sometimes the reaction
is different the second or third time I make something new! Amazing!

Third, I ask the kids what they are hungry for and try to honor
those dinner choices that week. If, for the most part, you are cooking
what “the troops” are hungry for, they are more likely to eat happily!

Fourth, I stand firm when whiners take over the dinner table! No “back
up” meals are offered because I am NOT a restaurant, although, often
times I swear I work in one!
I am often heard saying, “what’s for dinner is in front of you, if you
don’t like it, no dessert and breakfast is the next meal!” [thanks, Mom! I still hear your voice when I say that!]

Fifth, I focus on waste. If you waste not, you want not and I do not
tolerate waste in any area, so I often discuss kids (whom we havemet!) who don’t have enough to eat in hopes that that message will
translate to my kids!
I’ll allow “food trading” sometimes if kids don’t like everything on
their plates– just so it’s not wasted! 🙂

What do you think of this meal plan?

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