Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings Expecting Baby #3

Olympic athlete Kerri Walsh and her husband Casey Jennings are expecting their third child together.  Kerri revealed on Today that she was already five weeks along when she competed in the London Games this summer!

Kerri admitted that she and her husband decided to start trying to conceive right before the Olympics and she didn’t know that it would happen so fast!

“I thought it could have been the stress of the games and travel throws your schedule off. At some point, you’re late and then you start feeling something. And I definitely started feeling something in London. ”

Kerri, who shares two sons (Joseph, 3, and Sundance, 2) with her husband, says that this time around has been different already. “This little one is kicking my butt! The first two were pretty easy, but with this one, I’m sick every day. I’ve got some awesome acne. I just feel different.”

Congrats to the expanding family!


Photos by Twitter

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