Kendall Jenner May Skip College

If Kendall Jenner’s dreams of modeling come true, she’s planning on canceling any plans for college.

“I’m not really thinking about college right now,” the 16-year-old reveals to PEOPLE. “If my career, like, blows up and gets really big, [modeling] is what I would do.”

“I want to [walk the runway] again and again,” she says. “It was so much fun, like the adrenaline and everything was really fun.”

Even Kendall’s dad Bruce Jenner is in agreement with this decision. “If they want to go to college, certainly, I think it’s a good idea,” the former U.S. track and field athlete states. “But I’m not the advocate of, ‘You’ve got to go to college!’ I think by the time they graduate from high school, they will probably be in a position to go right to working.”

Photos by Fame

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