Wants Her Kids To Understand Good Work Ethics

Kate Hudson Departing On A Flight At LAX With Her Boys

Actress Kate Hudson made her way through LAX yesterday afternoon with her sons, Ryder Robinson and Bingham Bellamy.   Kate, her boys and a whole lot of luggage arrived at LAX to catch a flight..maybe back to London?

The jet setting family has been in L.A. for Kate to launch her new athletic wear line.  At the unveiling party she shared a few tidbits about her sons.  The celebrity mom dished on their chaotic schedules,  “Bing’s now 2 and 3 months. You get him in a gym class, you get Ryder in school. When the kids start to go to school I think women feel a little more freedom in their day to be able to do something for themselves.”

Kate continued, sharing that she hopes her boys will understand how important a good work ethic is,  “I definitely don’t want to ever feel like I’m missing out on my kids. But I do think it’s important for my kids to know that I have things that are important to me as an individual. Because I want them to be like that. I want them to understand the importance of work ethic and doing things that make them happy.”



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Ryder Is Pushing For Her Wedding

 Kate Hudson at The Los Angeles Premiere of HBO Clear History

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy have been engaged for over two years and she shares that her oldest son, Ryder Russell, is ready for her to walk down the aisle already!  Kate shared with Ellen DeGeneres that Ryder is most excited to bust out some awesome wedding attire.

Kate shared, ”He apparently wants to wear a neon green tux. He loves neon green. He wants to wear neon green with black. That’s pretty cool. He’s a bit of a fashion boy. I think he looks forward to more the party than actually the idea of us getting married. He seems to, like, have it really planned out what he’s wearing.”

The actress says that no matter what, we most likely will not know when they are about to tie the knot – not until after it happens!  ”I think until the day we get married, the answer is going to be, ‘We have no intention right now of getting married.’ And then you’ll find out we got married.”


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Kate Hudson at The Los Angeles Premiere of HBO Clear History


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Visiting Her Son’s Lemonade Stand


It doesn’t get any cuter than this, people! Actress Kate Hudson and her rocker husband Matt Bellamy stop to get some lemonade from their son Ryder’s stand before leaving their home in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s been so hot these days I’m surprised that the kids in my neighborhood haven’t started a lemonade stand here, too! How about in your neck of the woods?

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Makes Safe Landing With Ryder, Bingham, And Matthew Bellamy

Kate Hudson And Family Arriving On A Flight At LAX

Kate Hudson and her family arrive at LAX yesterday to a throng of photographers.  Kate, Matthew Bellamy and her children, Ryder and Bingham, were all snapped as they arrived back in Los Angeles.  Ryder was looking happy as ever as he flashed big smiles at his mom and step-dad-to-be.  Bingham was safe and snuggly in his sling tied tightly to Kate.

Kate has been hard at work on three new films.  Lucky for her, two of them have been shooting in London and one is in L.A.   That must work perfect for Kate and Matthew since they split their time between the two cities.  Kate could be in town to film her part for Zach Braff’s new project “Wish I Was Here”, in which she co-stars with Ashley Greene, Jim Parsons and Joey King.  She’s also working on “Good People” and “Born to Be King” back in London.  It looks like all three might be releases in 2014.  I’m excited to see Kate back on my big screen!


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