JEWEL Hoping To Give Kase The Tools To Deal With Anger

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Celebrity mom, author and singer Jewel is hoping to give her son Kase, 20 months, the tools to deal with anger and frustration.  In an entry for the initiative 1simplechange, she shares that the gun violence in Newtown has affected their family and she determined to help her son.

Jewel believes that the violence often occurs because the person never learned to deal with emotional problems in healthier ways.  She writes, “I hope to help teach my son to deal with frustration, and learn how to problem-solve in healthy ways, so that by the time he’s older and not under my wing, he will have some skills. Then when he gets frustrated or when something arises that is confusing for him, he’ll find ways of problem-solving and working through it.”

What do you think? Do agree with Jewel?
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