Kim Kardashian Shares New Photo Of Baby Saint!


Kim Kardashian hasn’t shared too many photos of her baby boy Saint, but the mother of two took to SnapChat tonight to show off her cutie pie! Kim’s little man was too cute in a white long-sleeved onesie, showing off his gorgeous long lashes as he looks up at mom taking his photo.  He’s the spitting image of big sister North when she was a baby!

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North West Has Her Own Fashion Sense

north westThis is one aspect of parenting a toddler that most parents do NOT expect: toddlers have their own fashion sense. And it is… unique, to say the least ;). North West is one of those toddlers, and it sounds like Kim Kardashian has learned to pick her battles.

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North West & Penelope Disick Become Mermaids For Joint Birthday Bash Before Kanye West Celebrated Father’s Day

north west and penelope disickNorth West’s birthday is in June, and Penelope Disick’s birthday is in July. Given the size of the Kardashian clan, it makes sense that the family would throw the two girls a joint birthday bash! They did so, where the two girls dressed up as mermaids. Then, the next day, Kanye West celebrated Father’s Day, and Kim Kardashian paid tribute to him online.

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North West Becomes A Kimoji

north west becomes a kimoji‘Fess up: have you bought Kim Kardashian’s kimojis? Once I saw they cost money I was out- LOL. However, Kim Kardashian continues to expand her kimojis. Now her daughter, North West, and husband, Kanye West, are kimojis!

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