‘Justified’ Star Timothy Olyphant Says He’s Just The Family Chauffeur

Actor Timothy Olyphant stops by the Rachael Ray Show to chat about his family and the return of his hit show ‘Justified’ for a fourth season.  The dad of three (daughters 12 & 8, and a son who is 10) shared this with Rachael:

Timothy on his wife and kids:  “They don’t watch the show. I just drive them around.”

Timothy’s youngest daughter is a drama queen:   “The little one is yeah. She’s got a flair for drama. She’s just a drama queen it’s who she is.”

Timothy jokes on “Justified” being signed on for a 4th season:  “It’s nice to know there’s going to be a job. It’s a great gig. I still find time to complain. There are no actors only actresses.”

A teaser to the season finale:  “Just the opening scene in the final episode is just fantastic. You want details? Some people die. And they die in wonderful ways. Unexpected, wonderful ways. You don’t want to know any more than that.”

Photos by Rachael Ray Show

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