Celebrity Mom Sara Gilbert Would Make Everyone Vegan If She Were President

Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen shared their New Year’s Eve plans with Rachael Ray (interview airing Thursday, December 22nd on the Rachael Ray Show) and to talk about what they’d do as president for a day.

Sara shared that if she were president for a day, the first thing she’d do:  “I’m totally self-centered. I would make everyone vegan. Sorry, it’s the law.”  ‘The Talk‘ co-host Julie Chen says she would implement “Healthcare, for everyone.”

Julie and Sara also say that their New Year’s Eve plans are pretty low-key.

Julie’s plans:  “I go to my neighbor up the street and the dress code is sweat pants. You know you can’t get dressed up and you watch the ball drop with friends. You feel like you’re part of Times Square .”

Sara doesn’t make it until midnight: “I’m like this is so great. I’m going to be at home and watch the ball drop. This is so exciting, kiss at midnight and then at 8:45pm I’m like totally out.”

Do you have your New Year’s plans set yet?

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