Friendly Family Bike Ride

Exclusive... Julia Roberts & Family Out For A Bike Ride In Malibu

Now here’s a very rare sighting!  Not only did the paps manage to find Julia Roberts out and about, but she didn’t chase them away!  Julia and her husband Danny Moder went on a bike ride with their three kids, Hazel, Henry and Phinnaeus in Malibu.  Normally Julia is not a photographer-friendly kind of celebrity mom, but it’s awards season and she’s promoting her new movie.  Stars seem to be a little more tolerable of the paps when they’re campaigning.

Julia shot down reports that she’s expecting her fourth child.  I do want to note that she’s still going to great lengths to keep her mid-section covered up.  I just have this sneaking suspicion that she might be trying to hide it as long as possible…  But then, I was also convinced Jennifer Garner was expecting again but she’s definitely not.

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Her Kids Hang Out On Set


Well this is a sight that we rarely get to see on this blog here. It’s Julia Roberts‘ kids! Her three children Hazel, Henry and Phin were spotted paying their parents a visit while on the set of “The Normal Heart” in New York City on Sunday afternoon.

Hazel looks so much like her famous mommy, doesn’t she? She’s gorgeous! Check out our photos below and let us know what you think.

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Julia Roberts And Her Family Head To Their Vacation Destination

Ahh, life is good for Julia Roberts and her clan! The Hollywood family were spotted boarding a private jet at Van Nuys Airport outside Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday afternoon.

We’re not sure where the family was headed to, but wherever their destination is, I’m sure it’s nice. There is no doubt that Julia has worked very hard promoting her latest film, “Mirror, Mirror” in the past few months and she most definitely deserves a good break with the fam. 🙂 Tell us Babyrazzi readers, where are you headed to this summer with your family?

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Julia Roberts Doesn’t Allow Her Kids To Watch Her Movies

Julia Roberts says that she doesn’t want her children to see her movies. The actress, who stars in the upcoming film, Mirror Mirror, thinks they are too young to understand the part of the Evil Queen that she plays in the movie.

The Pretty Woman actress, who has three children, twins Hazel and Phinneaeus, 7, and 4-year-old Henry, told reporters:

“I think they are [too young] considering the part that I play.”

She also adds that she prefers her children read books rather than watch films or television.

“We’re more book people in our house,” she adds. “They do get to watch some things,” she says. “But for us, we just feel there’s a real time and a place for it.”

It sounds like Julia is a very good mom and is doing what she thinks is right for her kids.

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Julia Roberts Keeps Kids Away From Set Of ‘Mirror, Mirror’

As many moviegoers are anticipating the release of Mirror, Mirror, Julia Roberts tried her best to keep her kids Hazel and Finn, 7, and Henry, 4, away from the flick!

“It was the first time that they would see me at work, and if we would start rehearsing or anything, I had to send them away because I’m only saying the most vile things, you know,” the Oscar-winner tells Extra!. “[The kids would say] ‘We just got here, why do we have to leave?’ ‘I don’t know, just go. I’ll see you in a minute.'”

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