The Joovy Groove

joovy groove in blueberryJoovy is a company that always keeps its customers in mind- big and small. The new and improved Joovy Groove is a great example. Joovy recently redesigned their umbrella stroller from the ground up to offer a full set of features for both those who push & those who ride. The Groove offers a very ample seat for an umbrella stroller and a high 55 pound weight limit, which means that even your occasional older rider who needs a spot to rest on that long trip to the zoo will be just as comfy as your preschooler or toddler. The infinite recline to near flat means that comfort can be found for nap time as well. This stroller is rated from 6 mo and up, so it’s not for infants, but it will take you very far once your baby is ready. A very secure 5 point harness with padded strap covers and extendable leg rest means that your child can bee made as comfortable as possible and you can be comfortable as well knowing that even your more accomplished escape artists are secure in this seat. An added bonus, the 600D fabric will withstand abuse of all sorts and clean up nicely as well.

the joovy groove seat closeupSome of my favorite Joovy features are always those little touches that Joovy offers for both children and parents. I love the 2 mesh pockets in the seat sides. These really should be on all strollers, perfect for drinks, snacks or toys, keeping whatever your child needs securely at hand. Not to leave the big guys out- the back of the canopy offers 2 more mesh pockets and a zippered pouch for happy parents. Another feature that Joovy offers is the huge canopy with a viewing window to keep anxious parents at ease. Personally, this is a feature that Always makes me feel better even when my older children are on board. The basket is well sized for an umbrella stroller and the automatic lock and carry handle add to the convenience of this stroller. The newly designed tires are well sized for an umbrella stroller and offer sealed bearings for a smooth ride.  Also new is frame, which is quite snazzy. It’s rectangular aluminum frame is quite unique looking and my favorite part of this stroller (after those in-seat mesh pockets). As with any umbrella stroller, it offers an easy one handed fold that pops right down to a very compact package. Weighing in at 17 pounds, it’s not the lightest umbrella stroller, but it is comfortable to carry and is a great weight for such a large seat and high weight limit. I can easily fold & carry it with one hand while holding my hefty 2 year old in the other hand.

In use this stroller not only doesn’t disappoint, it exceeded my expectations. It took me seconds to pop on the front wheels, slide the canopy into it’s slots, make a few adjustments and we were off and ready to roll. Out and about, it’s just as effortless. Pushing with one or 2 hands was really easy over every terrain I tested. In fact, those bouncy front wheels did such a good job, that I started pointing the Groove at anything that I though t might stop it and nothing did. There are areas in my neighborhood that have sidewalks that will stop most strollers, but not the Groove. I aimed for broken sidewalks and just popped over, rolled straight through sloggy mud and wet grass without slowing. This stroller was fabulous. My daughter loved it too, especially the green color and the extendable leg rest where she happily rested her feet. At age 2 and 27 pounds, he has plenty of room in the seat, yet the harness adjusted perfectly down to her size. It was also super easy to recline and raise the seat one handed while rolling along, which is usually not the case with strap recline systems. Another great surprise.

The Groove is available in 4 colors Blueberry (a fabulous blue, and my favorite), Greenie, Orangie and Black and retails for $199.99. If you’re looking for an umbrella stroller that will last  with superb features and offers a exceptional value for the price, the Joovy Groove is an amazing option. Please visit the Joovy site for more details and to see the superb line of Joovy products.

* A sample was provided for review purposes

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The Joovy Tricycoo

Joovy’s new Tricycoo is a fabulous little trike that makes bike riding safe and easy for children as young as 18 months. Equipped with a steerable parents handle and locking wheels, you can push your younger child or set them free to pedal on their own once ready. Extra touches include a rear basket and a bell, often extra on similar trikes. The Tricycoo is also adjustable with 4 positions and ranges from 32.5 inches to 38 inches high, so it can grow with your little one as well. The parent handle easily pops off when you’re ready to let go, so this trike is great for long term use for you smaller children who really want to start rolling. The wheels are sports injection-molded wheels with urethane treads, that roll smoothly and quietly indoors and out, sure to make any mommy or daddy happy.

My favorite feature is the removable baby surround. These are little arms that wrap right around the youngest riders and help hold them steady and in place. Drop down the footrests as well and your little one is ready to ride and you don’t have to worry about them tumbling off or feeling nervous and unsteady. When ready, the arms remove, the footrests fold back up out of the way and slightly older riders can sit unaided with the feet on the pedals while you push, feeling a bit more independent with you still safely in control. When older riders are ready, everything can be converted over to a free-riding trike just be unlocking the wheel and removing the parent steering handle. It’s all as easy as that. This trike will hold up to 44 pounds, which will take you well through until your child is ready for a 2 wheeler. My 6 year old is right around 44 pounds if that gives you  an idea of how well suited this trike is for early riders and how well suited to carrying them safely through to a big boy or girl bike. The Tricycoo is fabulous . Even better it’s available in 4 colors (orange, black, pink and green), so everyone can be happy and have just the right trike. We have the Orangie and it’s been a big hit with my two youngest, ages 20 & 35 months, who fight over it and refuse to give it up (the older 2 are also quite jealous and are still hoping for a ride), so really our only problem is that we need more than one.

Easy for parents, great for kids, the Tricycoo is a fantastic little trike that will have your littlest riders rolling happily and safely for the long haul. The Tricycoo retails for $99.99. Please visit the Joovy site for more details. And be sure to check out the Joovy Moola for Yoo giveaway as well.

* A sample was provided for review purposes.

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The Joovy ScooterX2

Finding a lightweight double stroller that is heavy on features can be very difficult. Often you have to give up quite a bit to get something that is easy to carry around. The Joovy ScooterX2 is not one of those strollers. This exceedingly reasonably priced stroller (it’s just $199.99 and no, that’s not a mistake) offers features that are often found only in larger much more expensive strollers, but it weighs in at a svelte 28 pounds, great for a double. If what you need is a double that will offer a long term seat for your little ones, comfort and ease of use for both rider and parents in a lightweight package, the ScooterX2 is a great choice.

This stroller that folds down as easily as an umbrella stroller with a one-handed fold,  offers a fabulous full handlebar that makes one-handed pushing easy too. The basket is huge, really, really huge, and pockets are plentiful. Each well-sized seat offers those great Joovy mesh side of seat pockets to keep drinks, snacks or toys handy for both riders plus 2 rear cup holders and zippered pockets for parents. The ScooterX2 does not offer independent canopies, but the canopy is huge and offers great coverage for your riders. Our two testers were even sufficiently covered in a surprise rain shower, which was a great plus. More great features include the rear linked brake, infinite-position recline on each seat that allows each rider to be positioned perfectly from fully upright to a near flat position for little sleepers. The fold can actually be done one handed and it folds down to a nice, compact, flat package. The ScooterX2 is wrapped in a very sturdy  600D Fabric with reflective accents, another detail that is often only found on much more expensive strollers. This stroller will take whatever your little ones toss at it, or spill on it, and look great for years to come. A removable bumper bar and easily adjustable 5-point harness complete the package.

The most important part is of course, how it preforms. The ScooterX2 is a great lightweight double. Despite being very lightweight and smaller in stature than many doubles, it is a very solid ride. The ScooterX2 feels very stable and secure at all times and never felt tippy, unlike many smaller or medium-sized doubles we’ve tested. It handles well over most terrain too. I had a bit harder time pushing my 50 plus pounds worth of children (plus several bottles of water, snacks, my bag, a diaper bag, and 3 dozen cupcakes for the preschool picnic- I said the basket is huge) through the mulch at the playground than I did on the sidewalk getting there, but it handled bumps well and we still managed to run through the grass in the pouring rain without any trouble. And that one handed fold made it quick and easy to pop it into the car for the ride home and get quickly out of the rain. This is a great stroller if you need to take it in and out of the car over and over for trips to school or running errands. Plus with a good amount of headroom and 45 pound weight limit per seat, this is a stroller that you can use for the long term. And, if you don’t have the budget for one of those really expensive doubles, the ScooterX2’s $199.99 price tag is amazing, especially for all of the great features this stroller offers.

The ScooterX2 is available in 3 colors, Orangie, Greenie and Black. Please visit the Joovy website for more details or to buy this fabulous double stroller.

*Joovy provided a sample for review purposes

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