Quote Of The Day: Joey Lawrence On Melissa Joan Hart’s Baby

It’s not my baby,” Joey Lawrence jokes about Melissa Joan Hart‘s pregnancy, adding, “She just wants to take the time, have her little one and then come back to work.”

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Joey Lawrence: “My Daughters Talk Loud Like Me”

This here definitely seems like a case of like father, like daughter. Former reality television star Joey Lawrence says his two daughters, 6-year-old Charleston and 2-year-old Liberty have the same passion for talking and laughing, just like their famous dad. He says:

“They’re very passionate; they talk a lot. They talk real loud, which is sort of my M.O. I guess.”

He adds:

“Libby loves trains, so Santa Claus for Christmas brought her the [Chuggington Chugger] train table and all the Chugger train tracks. That’s all she wants to do. We do that and I read to her — she loves these little Dr. Seuss books. She likes to ride with me in my car.”  

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Joey Lawrence Has House Full Of Spelling Bees!

Joey Lawrence and wife Chandie need to figure out a different way to keep secrets from their kids because spelling them out just isn’t working anymore! Daughter Charleston, 5, has caught on to their technique.

“My wife and I used to just spell everything, but now that Charli’s spelling as she learns to read, she’s starting to figure out certain words,” the Melissa & Joey star, 35, told PEOPLE at TV Guide‘s Hot List Party on Monday.

“So she goes, ‘Dad, you just said n-o. I know what that is.’”

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Joey Lawrence Opens Up About Baby Daughter’s Rh Disease

Joey Lawrence, star of the hit new show “Melissa and Joey“, opened up about the “brutal” first few months of his daughter’s life.  Joey’s wife Chandi had a difficult pregnancy and then their daughter Libby was born with Rh disease.  This weekend at the March of Dimes Fifth Annual Celebration of Babies, Joey shared:

“[Libby] was born 6½ weeks early with Rh Disease. It happens when the mother is Rh-negative and the baby’s Rh-positive. It’s a very serious thing, and we were in and out of specialists’ offices every other day. Libby came out needing a partial [blood] transfusion and was in an incubator for 2½ weeks — we couldn’t touch her, nothing. That first month was brutal.”

Joey says that he and Melissa Joan Hart are going to be March of Dimes co-chairs for 2011.

He also shared that his oldest daughter Charleston, 4, is having a great time being a big sister to Libby, who is eight months old now.

“Charli’s getting used to being a big sister. She’ll go get diapers, and she’ll make faces, smile and sing to Libby.”

“Libby wakes up in the morning and Charli runs in and wakes us up.”

What a little helper!  You can see the sweet little girls here.

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Melissa Joan Hart Dishes About Raising Boys And Working With Joey Lawrence

Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence are teaming up for a new show titled “Melissa & Joey”.  Melissa sat down with People to talk about motherhood and working with someone she’s known since she was four.

People asked her how her boys (Mason, 4, and Brady, 2,) get along:

They are best friends and worst enemies, like most brothers are, I’d think. They love wrestling, but sometimes it can be hard to pull them apart. Especially when they’re naked and getting ready for bath time. It’s just little butts up in the air!

She says both boys will head off to preschool this fall:

Mason is going to return to his preschool this fall, and Brady is about to enter his first preschool class. We’ve got to get him potty-trained before his first class, though; we have about three weeks.

Melissa struggles like the rest of us to find a balance between work and home:

If we’re lucky enough that the show continues, I’ll be away from them every other week. I’ll have hiatus weeks, and time between seasons though, so I’m not too worried about it yet. I was lucky in that we started filming Melissa & Joey in the summer. But now that the boys are starting school, it’s harder.

Melissa gushed about the great time she had filming the new show and the fact that she and Joey have known each other since they were toddlers:

It’s really great! We’re having such fun. We think we have a really good thing going, and hope everyone agrees. I think it’s funny, smart and a little edgier than people are expecting.

Joey and I play these great characters, and mine in particular is extremely flawed, which is great. We have a lot of head-to-head combat, and there’s a great banter between us. I think that makes for great comedy, when you have people that can kind of fire off at each other. It’s like old-school comedy style.

We’ve known each other since we were about four years old, running around the Nickelodeon studios in Florida — we ever buried a time capsule together! So it’s great to finally have the chance to work together 30 years later.

Does their new show sound like something you’ll check out?  It starts tonight on ABC Family!

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