Father’s Day Photos For Eric Johnson And Her Dad Joe


The two dads in Jessica Simpson’s life got some Instagram love this week.  Jessica took to Twitter to share new photos of her ADORABLE kids, Maxi and Ace, while sending out love to her dad Joe Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson.

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Did Jessica Simpson Show Off A Baby Bump At Cacee Cobb’s Wedding This Weekend?

Semi-Exclusive... Donald Faison Marries Cacee Cobb

This weekend Jessica Simpson’s BFF Cacee Cobb married actor Donald Faison (The Exes) at the home of Donald’s former Scrubs co-star Zach Braff in L.A. There has been much speculation about whether or not Jessica is expecting baby #2, but these photos from the wedding don’t do much to the rumors to rest one way or the other.  Jessica looked gorgeous in a dark navy gown in the ceremony.

Also in attendance were Jessica’s dad, Joe, and her sister Ashlee.  There have been rumors that Jessica and her dad had a falling out over the split of her parents.  From the look of several of the photos, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Both Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson are seen chatting with Joe and even giving him hugs.

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Report: Jessica Simpson Skipped Bronx’s Birthday Party To Avoid Her Dad

Jessica Simpson’s parents, Joe and Tina, are divorcing after 35 years together.  The couple claim that the divorce is a friendly matter, but that may not be the case 100%.

Jessica, who is very tight with her sister Ashlee, skipped her nephew Bronx’s fourth birthday party last month.  Rumor has it that Jess, who is possibly pregnant with baby #2, decided not to go because she didn’t want to see her dad.  A friend close to Jessica reportedly told Us Weekly that Jessica is upset that her father is rushing into the dating scene and she’s not happy about it.

I’m sure the divorce is hard on both girls.  I can’t imagine after 35 years together that it’ll be easy for them to see their parents with someone else.  But I also can’t imagine Jessica missing out on her only nephew’s birthday party.  No word from Jessica’s camp if the story is true.

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Joe Simpson Buys An $80 Pink Teddy Bear For Granddaughter Maxwell Drew

It looks like Jessica Simpson‘s entire family is celebrating the birth of their latest addition to the clan, Maxwell Drew Johnson. Jessica’s father, Joe Simpson, was so excited to meet his granddaughter, that sources say he bought an $80 pink teddy bear at the hospital’s gift store before visiting Jessica and her little bundle of joy at their birthing suite.

A source tells Us Weekly Magazine:

“He was really happy and told us the gift was for his new granddaughter. He revealed both baby and mom were doing well.”

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