Fun In The Hot Tub

jessica simpson's daughter maxwellJessica Simpson posted this fun selfie of her daughter Maxwell on Instagram. Maxwell was having some fun in the hot tub! She’s already got her model’s pout down perfectly, doesn’t she? Adorable!

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Proud Mama Shows Off Kids’ Pics On Instagram

jessica simpson's kids 2

One thing is clear about Jessica Simpson: she is on proud mama! Who can blame her? First Jessica posted a picture of her daughter, Maxwell, on Instagram. Her caption said it all.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

Then Jessica posted a picture of her baby boy, Ace.

The most handsome boy in the world

I wonder if these pics were snapped while watching ‘American Idol’? Jessica has said before that Ace was “captivated” by the show. I don’t blame her for posting these pics. She does have two adorable little cuties!

Photos Courtesy of Jessica Simpson


Ace Is An ‘American Idol’ Fan

jessica simpson & son aceI wonder if Jessica Simpson is already trying to introduce her youngest to music? Here are Jessica and her son Ace watching ‘American Idol.’ Here’s what Jessica wrote as the Instagram caption for this pic:

American Idol captivated him

Well, Ace comes from a show business family: it’s in his blood- LOL. I wonder what Ace thought of last night’s episode? The ratings for ‘American Idol’ have been falling, but even with the dip, it’s still an incredibly popular show. And it’s fan base is expanding to the younger crowd :).

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Simpson

Chic Shades For Jessica & Maxwell

jessica simpson & daughter instagramI think it’s safe to say Jessica Simpson is having fun on Instagram! Here’s a selfie she posted of herself and Maxwell. This is TOO cute. Clearly these ladies like their oversized shades. They’re very chic, aren’t they?

Maxwell is going to be one of the most stylish toddlers in her preschool. You know it’s true – LOL. It’s great to see Jessica enjoying parenthood so much. I wonder if she’s going to have Maxwell be her flower girl at her wedding this summer? I wouldn’t be surprised if she had her kids in the wedding somehow. It only makes sense, right?

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Simpson


Budding Bromance With Their Boys

jessica simpson playdateWe know Jessica Simpson and Cacee Cobb are BFFs, and they had two boys within just a few months of each other. Jessica had baby Ace; Cacee welcomed baby Rocco six months ago. Look at Rocco reaching out to Ace. Awww… I think we have two budding bromance here. I’m sure Jessica and Cacee will do all they can to ensure that happens- LOL. Jessica made her intentions in her Instagram pic clear.

BFF’s in the making! @caceecobb #ACEANDROCCO

This picture is Too Cute. I can’t wait to see these two grow up together. It’ll happen before we know it.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Simpson