Lunching With Max And Bronx

Pregnant Jessica Simpson & Family Out For Lunch

Ashlee Simpson and Bronx joined Jessica Simpson and Maxwell for a little lunch over the weekend.  Ashlee and Jessica were photographed arriving at one of their favorite Mexican restaurants, Don Cuco, with their kids in tow.  Bronx was engrossed in his iPad as pregnant aunt Jessica was getting cousin Maxi from the car. 

I find it interesting that most websites haven’t been chronicling Jessica’s pregnancy this time around.  She hasn’t gained much weight at all, so they don’t have anything negative to bully her about this pregnancy!  I have to say that no matter what kind of controversy and hateful things are written about them and their families, Jessica and Ashlee rise above and just let it roll off.  They are two very strong women!  Kudos to them! 

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Is She Reading “The Great Gatsby” To Her Belly Bump?

Exclusive... Pregnant Jessica Simpson Leaving The Camuto Group Offices

You know what, I can actually picture Jessica Simpson doing this! LOL. Rumor has it that the pregnant mama-to-be is reading “The Great Gatsby” out loud to her pregnant baby during her down time. Here’s what we’re reading:

Jessica Simpson is determined to give her unborn child super smarts. The plan? Read to her baby bump!

“People first noticed she was serious when she picked up The Great Gatsby and read it aloud to her stomach,” a confused family insider tells Star. “Everyone just scratched their heads. Reading to a baby bump isn’t going to make your child the next Albert Einstein!”

LOL, you just gotta love Jessica and her quirky ways, right?

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More TMI From The Pregnant Mama-To-Be

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.59.53 PM

Jessica Simpson surely has a thing for over-sharing, doesn’t she? And that’s exactly why we love her so much! The fashion maven and expectant mom dished on her second pregnancy while on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and boy did she have a lot to say!

“The last time I saw you, you were sitting in this chair looking exactly like this. What’s happening?” DeGeneres asked her during the interview, which is set to air Wednesday.

“I don’t know,” Jessica said. “Apparently, protection was just thrown right out the window.”

“Well, I mean … good. Congratulations,” the comedian responded.

“We’re happy,” added Simpson. “We were definitely extremely shocked.”

The “Fashion Star” judge also talked a little about her weight gain and how it obviously hasn’t been a problem for her fiance, Eric Johnson. “Apparently, Eric still wanted me,” she joked. “So I can gain as much weight and I still have a husband-to-be that loves me.”

Ahhh, so sweet!

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Slips And Shares Baby #2 Is A Boy!

Exclusive... Pregnant Jessica Simpson Leaving The Camuto Group Offices

It’s a boy for Jessica Simpson and Eric JohnsonJessica slipped up tonight during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel and admitted she’s expecting a son!

During the chat, Jimmy asked Jessica how she has been feeling and that’s when she accidentally spilled the beans.  She said, “I just feel awful, I’ve been vomiting. The crazy thing is, I never knew a wiener could actually make me nauseous.   Well, I guess I just told the world I’m having a boy.”

There had been many reports of Jessica expecting a boy and she admitted that maybe the original slip happened in an innocent way from friends or family.  “I don’t think that a lot of stuff people say is malicious in any way, but maybe I have some friends with some big mouths.  [Maybe] they call up people, tell their parents, and the parents talk about it at the grocery store. Who knows?”


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