Jessica Simpson Wishes Her Kids Would Stop Aging!

jessica-simpsonJessica Simpson is facing that ‘moment’ we all face as moms: wishing your kids would just stay frozen at a magical age of innocence.  The celebrity mom Instagrammed the photo above of her daughter Maxwell and son Ace, captioning it with “Please stop getting older!!!!”

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Jessica Simpson’s Son Ace Flies High


While mom’s away, the Johnson boys will play!  Jessica Simpson was on her way to NYC when Eric Johnson and their son Ace decided to throw a pool party.  Jessica shared this high flying photo of Eric throwing Ace high into the air in the family pool.

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Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Are Done With Babies

jessica simpson daughter instagram

Jessica Simpson, mom of three?  Not if things go according to her plan!  The actress, fashionista, and mother of two beautiful babies, Ace and Maxwell, shared in a new interview that two kids are enough for her and husband Eric Johnson.

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Jessica Simpson Shares New Photos Of Maxi And Ace

jessica-simpsonJessica Simpson is killing us with cuteness this morning!  We’ll call this Too Cute Tuesday!  The celeb mom showed off two new photos of her kiddos, Maxi and Ace.  The proud mom celebrated Ace’s ‘birthday’ with the photo above, writing “This stud is 14 months!! Maxi was this age when this handsome man said hello to the world! Omg!”  [Read more...]