Jessica Simpson Shares Picture Of Her “Blondies”

jessica simpson's kids maxi and aceJessica Simpson has taken to call her two kids, Maxwell (a.k.a. Maxi) and Ace, as “blondies.” The name is certainly fitting! They look practically like twins although they’re actually 14 months apart.

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Opens Up About Her Pregnancy, Baby Ace


Hello there again, gorgeous!

When it comes to Jessica Simpson and her weight, it seems like the gossip blogs just can’t stop talking about it. The celebrity mom, who just gave birth to her second child, Ace, about two months ago, is opening up about her struggles with her body image and exactly what she thinks of pregnancy bullies. Here are some highlights from her interview with Us Weekly:

Bullying pregnant women: “I will never understand why people give pregnant women such a hard time. We are creating a human life: I think we get every excuse in the world to eat a doughnut! It’s very hurtful, especially when you’re so emotional and going through all of these hormonal changes. I felt for Kim [Kardashian] — I knew exactly what she was going through.”

Eric helped her through it: “I had a good support system. Eric has always appreciated my body.”

On Ace: “People say he looks like me. The moment he came out, I thought, He’s going to have a really strong personality, but he’s going to be a little bit more sensitive.”

On Eric: “He is beyond any father that has ever existed. I can honestly say that I have not had to change many diapers. At the same time, he makes me feel like I’m an incredible mom and still a great lover and woman.”

Wedding plans: “We now have a where and a when. Everybody has just been so anxious for us to get married – including us. And everyone has watched our love develop throughout becoming parents. When we actually do get married, it will be that much more intimate and beautiful.”

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She Shows Us Baby Ace Knute!


Jessica Simpson has FINALLY shown us her baby boy Ace Knute and let me tell you, he is a cutie! The fashion maven graces the cover of this week’s Us Weekly with both Ace and her 16-month-old daughter, Maxwell.

With two kids in the house, there’s no doubt that Jessica has her hands full these days! “With two kids, we have our hands full, but every day is a new adventure,” the 33-year-old singer, who gave birth to Ace via planned C-section on June 30, told Us. “It’s fun! I feel very at peace with being a mom.”

We can’t wait to see more pics!

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