Rumor: Is Jessica Simpson Having a $2 Million Delivery?

There is a hot new rumor that suggests pregnant Jessica Simpson is looking to pamper and protect herself with a $2 million delivery!

A source tells In Touch Weekly, that just like celebrity mom Beyonce, Jessica plans on renting out an entire maternity ward and is even considering hiring armed guards to help protect her privacy during her labor. The source says:

“She’s turning the maternity ward into Fort Knox,” a pal tells In Touch. “If her friends and family want to visit her, they’ll have to make it through numerous checkpoints!”

“She’s terrified of kidnapping,” the friend explains. “Her head of security just held a pre-birth meeting for her family to brief them on the rules!”

What do you think, Babyrazzi readers? Is Jess the type of person to pull such a stunt at a hospital? Here’s hoping this rumor is false!

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