Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Are Done With Babies

jessica simpson daughter instagram

Jessica Simpson, mom of three?  Not if things go according to her plan!  The actress, fashionista, and mother of two beautiful babies, Ace and Maxwell, shared in a new interview that two kids are enough for her and husband Eric Johnson.

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Proud Mama Shows Off Kids’ Pics On Instagram

jessica simpson's kids 2

One thing is clear about Jessica Simpson: she is on proud mama! Who can blame her? First Jessica posted a picture of her daughter, Maxwell, on Instagram. Her caption said it all.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

Then Jessica posted a picture of her baby boy, Ace.

The most handsome boy in the world

I wonder if these pics were snapped while watching ‘American Idol’? Jessica has said before that Ace was “captivated” by the show. I don’t blame her for posting these pics. She does have two adorable little cuties!

Photos Courtesy of Jessica Simpson


Ace Is An ‘American Idol’ Fan

jessica simpson & son aceI wonder if Jessica Simpson is already trying to introduce her youngest to music? Here are Jessica and her son Ace watching ‘American Idol.’ Here’s what Jessica wrote as the Instagram caption for this pic:

American Idol captivated him

Well, Ace comes from a show business family: it’s in his blood- LOL. I wonder what Ace thought of last night’s episode? The ratings for ‘American Idol’ have been falling, but even with the dip, it’s still an incredibly popular show. And it’s fan base is expanding to the younger crowd :).

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Simpson

Shows Off Her Snuggle Bug


Ace Knute Johnson spent some time “hanging out” with his famous mommy, Jessica Simpson.  Jessica showed off her sweet baby boy via Twitter this weekend.  In this adorable black and white photo, Ace was seen sitting in a swing in their backyard.   The celebrity mom wrote, “My Snuggle Bug”.

Jessica continues to dominate the fashion world with her clothes, accessories and shoes.  She just showed off her newest watch collection with her Twitter followers.  Have you seen it yet?  You can check it out here.  Do you buy any of Jessica’s brand of shoes and clothes?  Her shoes are to die for, I swear!  They’re reasonably priced but they are made very well!

Photos by Twitter