Glamour “Women of The Year” Gala Brings Out Celebrity Moms

The Glamour “Women of The Year” gala was held at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Monday (November 7). Among those in attendance were celebrity moms: Laura Bush, LaLa Vasquez-Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba.

Whose dress was your favorite?

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Glamour Magazine Names Jennifer Lopez ‘Woman Of The Year’

Celebrity mom Jennifer Lopez graces the December cover of Glamour magazine and is bestowed with the honor of being named ‘Woman of the Year’ for 2011.  Inside she talks a bit about her style and the possibility of new love.

On the possibility of a new relationship out of the public eye:
“I think to give something a chance, to really get to know somebody, you want to do it out of the public eye. You know the media—they want to rush everything.”

On her style:
“The things I liked when I was, like, 16 and in the Bronx—jeans, cut-up T-shirts—I still like. But I’ve been exposed to so much now from traveling the world and seeing couture clothes. I used all of that when I created my new line for Kohl’s. My style has come from everything, from where I started to where I am today.”

On what she’s learned about love and relationships:
“I think I’ve finally learned the biggest lesson of all. You’ve got to love yourself first. You’ve got to be OK on your own before you can be OK with somebody else. You’ve got to value yourself and know that you’re worth everything. And until you value yourself enough and love yourself enough to know that, you can’t really have a healthy relationship.”

For the full interview, you can grab a copy on the stands November 8th.

If you’re curious about what Jennifer is wearing in these two shots, continue reading to find out.

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Jennifer Lopez, Bradley Cooper Have A Romantic Dinner Date

Could the fourth husband be the charm?

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper were spotted on a romantic dinner date Saturday (Sept. 10) at NYC’s Per Se restaurant.

A host at the pricey eatery confirmed to Us Weekly that Lopez, 42, and Cooper, 36, shared a meal “just the two of them.”

I’m assuming this host no longer holds employment at Per Se.

“They were here for a while,” another staffer at Columbus Circle noted.

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Marc Anthony “Will Always Be Daddy” To His Children

Marc Anthony is letting it be know that his split from ex-wife Jennifer Lopez will not affect his relationship with his twins, Max and Emme.

“I’m always going to be Daddy,” Marc tells ABC News. “And they’re used to me traveling and Jennifer traveling and, you know, we speak all the time, and try to maintain that presence.”

Saying he’ll “always love” Jen, Marc adds, “Jennifer’s a wonderful, wonderful woman, a wonderful mother, a wonderful friend, you know. We understand this to be a long story. This is not a short story.”

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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