Takes Her Baby Boy To The Baby Gym

Jennifer Garner Picks Up Samuel From A Baby GymHere’s Jennifer Garner and Samuel leaving a baby gym in Brentwood. Jennifer was all smiles as they left. Samuel must’ve gotten a good workout in, burning up some of that toddler energy. Every mother likes that ;).

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Takes On New Role With Save The Children

Jennifer Garner Leaves Her Hotel

Celebrity mom Jennifer Garner continues to inspire us.  This mother of three is giving her kids yet another reason why they can look up to their mom!  The actress has been working with Save the Children for many years and is now a board of trustees member!

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Joins The #BanBossy Campaign

ban bossy videoHave you heard about the #BanBossy campaign? It’s a campaign that encourages leadership skills in girls. The idea is that while boys are encouraged to be assertive, girls are criticized for it by being called “bossy.” The result is that by the time girls enter middle school, they’re much less likely to be interested in leadership.

Beyonce is one of the celebs who’s in the video below. Jennifer Garner and ‘Glee’ star Jane Lynch are in it too. Yet this isn’t limited to Hollywood. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is in the video, along with former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and a lot of other powerful women, too. Are you ready to join the #BanBossy campaign?

Jen & Ben Have A Playdate At The Park

Jen & Ben Take Their Kids To The Pacific Palisades Park


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner enjoyed some family time with their kids. They took them to a Pacific Palisades park. Well, Jen and Ben took their oldest, Violet, and their youngest, Samuel, to the park. I don’t see any pictures of Seraphina. Perhaps she was just better at evading the cameras. Then again, at this time of year, everyone’s fighting off the cold and flu.

It looks like Violet had just finished shooting some hoops. She’s been exposed to a lot of sports! I remember when she played soccer. Then she took ballet. After that it was karate. She’s a well-rounded kid!

Photos by Pablo/FAMEFLYNET