“Miami Is Not For Raising Children”

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According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, while Miami might be a great place to party, it’s definitely not a place to raise children. The Magic City actor opens up about the time he spent in the South Florida city while taping the show.

“Miami is not optimal for raising a child. It’s optimal if you’re 22 years old and want to go [party] every night,” the actor, 47, tells People Magazine.

“Really all we could do was go to the beach,” the actor added. “Sunday mornings we’d head to the beach and we’d be there for eight hours a day,” he shares. “[My son’s] a little bit of a water baby so he loves the water.”

I’m taking it that Jeffrey and his family must have never left Miami Beach, as there is plenty to do around the actual city of Miami. The Miami Children’s Museum is one of my favorite museums in the country and Florida Keys has plenty of activities for little kids, including swimming with the dolphins!

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cleans Up His Language For Son

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan attended the TCA Winter Press Tour to promote “Magic City” and wound up chatting about his son Gus, 2.  Jeffrey shared that he’s been trying to clean up his cursing because Gus is now repeating everything he says.  He said:

“I took him to dinner the other night and he said, ‘Bullsh-t!’ I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, there might have been a high-five involved.

“It made me laugh a lot. I was like, ‘I really gotta start watching my language, ’cause, man, he is repeating everything he hears!’   But I’m a much better father than that! It’s maybe not the best story to tell, but it did make me laugh.”

He says he was in no rush to get back to work:

“It’s been amazing. I spend my whole day with him. Since we wrapped this show, I’ve purposely not done anything, so it’s been daddy-kid time. I’ve let mom go and do a job, and I just really want to spend time with him.”

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Fatherhood

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and girlfriend Hilarie Burton welcomed a son in March 2010, and since then have kept his identity a big secret.

Now, Morgan is finally ready to gush about his beautiful boy named Gus.”He just said ‘no’ for the first time, which is f**ked up,” Jeffrey laughed. “In one week it’s just like, ‘No, no, no!’ But everything is a first. It’s been spectacular.”

Jeffrey added, “(Life is) a lot of not sleeping, and then our one adult night we come here… this is our date. Can you believe it?”

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