Jason Aldean Talks More Babies

Jason Aldean may have won big at the Country Music Awards, but it’s more babies that he would love to have.

“I would love to have more, but we’re not going to,” the Big Green Tractor singer tells OK!. “My wife had complications with the last one that we had, and they actually advised us not to. Plus, we were done. We only wanted two anyway, so we’re good.”

And Aldean doesn’t mind just having two daughters. “I like having two daughters ‘cause they’re close to their daddy, that’s why. I’m a softie anyway, and after my first daughter was born, I was hooked. I really wanted another one – another girl. And there’s nothing cooler to me than being a parent, and girls are sweet and innocent – at least right now. I’ve always heard that girls end up being closer to their dad the older they get, and I’m hoping that’s the case.”

Photos by Fame

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