James Caan Used Cute Son Scott To Pick Up Women

Actor Scott Caan was put to work at an early age by his father James Caan – the Hollywood star would use his boy to attract the ladies at the famous Playboy Mansion.

The Godfather legend briefly lived at Hugh Hefner’s lavish property in Los Angeles during the 1980s and admits he would enlist a young Scott to draw in a bevvy of beauties whenever his son came to visit.  And James Caan reveals the sly trick worked like a charm every time.  He tells People magazine,

“I’d have Scott bring me girls. No one could say no to a cute little boy!”

James split from Scott’s mother, model Sheila Ryan, when he was a baby.

Do you know any parents (maybe even yourself) who used their child or children to lure in the opposite sex?  What do you think about it?

Photos by ANG/Fame pictures

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