Reminding Herself To Enjoy Her Second Pregnancy


Celebrity mom Ivanka Trump is expecting her second child with husband Jared Kushner later this year. The expectant mogul shared that she’s reminding herself to enjoy the pregnancy.

Ivanka tells Celebrity Baby Scoop,  “Arabella has been so wonderful and has brought countless joy to our entire family. I’m just excited to add to that and share new experiences with both of my children. There is so much to look forward to so I like to remind myself to enjoy being pregnant because once No. 2 arrives we are literally going to have our hands full.”

On being away from Arabella when she has to work and travel, “It’s difficult for me to leave her in the mornings or be away from home when I’m traveling for business, but I know it’s really important that I continue working because it’s fulfilling to me and it makes me a better mom.”

Ivanka doesn’t believe there’s ever a true “balance” between career and parenting.  “I’ve learned to become incredibly efficient. I don’t stress about being ‘balanced’ because the truth is, parenting is unpredictable and you can’t account for everything. Instead, I’m cognizant of my priorities and I wake up knowing what I need to accomplish personally and professionally, and then I do everything I can to fulfill those goals.”


Photos by Fameflynet

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