Chanel Nicole Is Boss!

chanel nicole‘Law & Order: SVU’ star Mariska Hargitay saw early on how things would turn out with Ice-T and Coco’s daughter, Chanel Nicole. I’m sure that’s why she got her co-star’s daughter this outfit ;).

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Coco, Ice-T And Chanel On First Family Vacation!

coco, ice-t and chanelIt’s another first for Coco, Ice-T, and their daughter, Chanel Nicole. This is their first family vacay!

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Chanel Nicole Is A Good Work Buddy

chanel nicoleFor Ice-T and Coco, it’s “bring your daughter to work day” every day with baby Chanel Nicole! Right now, Chanel is at the age where she’s happy where ever she is. Look at that grin.

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Ice-T And Coco Introduce Chanel To “Rich Uncle Jimmy” On ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

ice-t, coco & chanel with jimmy fallonIce-T and Coco are making sure that their baby Chanel Nicole meets everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood ;). Ice-T had an interview on ‘The Tonight Show,’ and after chatting a bit about his work, Jimmy Fallon asked about his baby daughter. Lucky for Jimmy, Coco and Chanel were backstage, so Coco brought her out.

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Ice-T Wasn’t Going To Be A “Snap Happy” Dad With Chanel

chanel nicoleIce-T had some ideas about how he was going to handle fatherhood the third time around before Chanel Nicole (his daughter with wife Coco) was born. Now that Chanel is here, however, he’s had to make some adjustments, especially when it came to baby pictures.

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