Anne Heche Opens Up About Her Book & Views On Marriage

Actress Anne Heche, mom to Homer, 8, and Atlas, 1, chatted with the L.A. Times about revealing too much in her book and about her desire to stay engaged to finacé James Tupper.   Anne says she’s in NO rush to marry again:

We’re eternally engaged and I say if I make it to 60, we can get married on my 60th birthday. A component of marriage is a business relationship, and I don’t need to function in a business relationship in marriage. I need to be the best girlfriend I can be not only to the man I’m in love with but the father of my second child.

Anne wrote a book that was released right before 9/11 happened, called “Call Me Crazy: A Memoir”.  She says that it there were career reprucussions for sharing too much information.

I was shut out and shut down. Certainly confusion makes it difficult for people to hire people, which I’ve learned in retrospect. You want to have a clean mystery to embrace the characters that people want you to embrace. And to be so exposed in your personal life makes it very difficult for you to disappear into character.

Anne took some time away from the spotlight and then went to do Broadway (even earning a Tony nomination).  She’s now a regular on the hit show “Hung”.

Photos by FAME