Celebrity Kids’ Halloween Costumes Round Up!

kourtney kardashian and kids halloweenIf anyone’s kids are going to go all-out for Halloween, of course it’s celebrities’ kids. There’s no way you can be in Hollywood and not know how to do a good costume! Kourtney Kardashian and her kids became a family of superheroes (different superheroes than they were earlier in the week). Even baby Reign got in on the fun! Take a look after the break to see more cute Halloween pics.

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Let Hilary Duff And Luca Eat Duff Cake!

Hilary Duff Stops By Duff's Cake Mix In West HollywoodI think we know at least one thing on the weekend agenda for Hilary Duff and her son, Luca: enjoying some cake! The mother-son duo were spotted at Duff’s Cake Mix in West Hollywood with some friends. Wonder what kind of cake they got to enjoy?

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