Chelsea Clinton Is Holding Off Motherhood For A Few Years

According to Chelsea Clinton, motherhood is on her mind, but it’s something that she’s willing to hold off for a few years. In a new interview with Vogue Magazine, the rather private Chelsea opens up about her plans for both politics and parenthood with her husband, Marc Mezvisnky. Here are a few snippets of what she says:

”My mom always tells me [parenthood] was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. And as the subject of such an amazing compliment, I can’t do anything but be grateful and smile and say that I’m confident that I will feel the same way when I am so blessed. It’s certainly something that Marc and I talk a lot about.”

“I always knew I was the center of my parents’ lives. And I am determined that our children feel the same way. Marc and I are both working really hard right now, but I think in a couple of years, hopefully . . . literally, God willing. And I hope my mom can wait that long.”

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Hilary Clinton Wants To Be A Grandma

Forget presidency – Hilary Clinton wants to be a grandma!

The politician’s daughter Chelsea Clinton got married last year, and is hopeful to have grandchildren soon – and she’s not shy about expressing her feelings.

While speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, former president Bill Clinton acknowledged his wife’s vocal desire.

“I would like to have a happy wife and she won’t be unless she’s a grandmother,” the former president said, according Bloomberg. “It’s something she wants more than she wanted to be president.”

Well hopefully soon she’ll get what she wants…as long as Chelsea wants it too!

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