Hilaria Baldwin Hits Back At Critics Over Her Activity Post-Baby

hilaria-baldwinHilaria Baldwin wasted no time becoming active after giving birth to her third child. The photo above was one she posted after going for her first post-childbirth RUN. Apparently, some of her Instagram followers weren’t happy about her starting to work out so soon after giving birth. Hilaria had a response for them.

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Hilaria Baldwin Reveals One Week Post-Birth Body

hilaria-baldwinHilaria Baldwin is keeping her word: she’s showing us her post-baby body week by week! She showed us how she looked right after giving birth. Now that it’s been a week, she’s shared her first update.

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Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Show New Photos Of Baby Leo

alec-baldwin-hilaria-baldwin-son-leoLooks like Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have brought home their third child, son Leo. Hilaria shared some new photos as well as what she’s already doing to get back into shape.

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Hilaria Baldwin Shares Post-Baby Body Photo

hilaria-baldwin-baby-leonardoHilaria Baldwin is keeping it real. She gave birth to her first child this week, and she’s shared her first post-baby body photo. She’s even open about what she didn’t show. Check it out after the break.

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