Minnie Driver Enjoys A “Chili” Day With Henry

Minnie Driver & Son Enjoy The Malibu Chili Cook Off

Actress Minnie Driver enjoyed a “chili” weekend with her son Henry.  Minnie and Henry stopped by the annual Chili Cook Off in Malibu together.  Minnie wore a pair of bright orange hi-tops and jean shorts with a silver bag while Henry opted for Crocs and cargo shorts.

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Before Henry She Was A “Selfish Cow”

Minnie Driver Takes Henry To Breakfast

Actress Minnie Driver opens up about her son Henry, who is turning five this weekMinnie dishes on his musical abilities and how he changed her in profound ways.

Minnie was blunt in sharing that Henry changed her in a way she never expected.   “[Prior to becoming a mom, I realized] how much of a selfish cow I actually was. It’s so extraordinary how that disappears beautifully, and gracefully, and is replaced with this unalterable devotion to another person’s happiness, and I’m so grateful for that. [Motherhood has] made me a far better person than I ever could have hoped to be.”

Her little man is quite the musician, too. The celebrity mom shared, “He loves the piano! He has lessons with a quite scary Russian lady whom he loves. [Our house] is filled with music all the time.   When he plays the piano, it is beyond exquisite, and I truly believe that he’s a Jeff Buckley in the making.”

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Minnie Driver And Son Henry Enjoy A Malibu Weekend

Minnie Driver and her son Henry are enjoying every minute of their Labor Day Weekend.  Minnie and Henry headed out to the Malibu fair on Friday afternoon. The mother-son duo spent some time riding down the slide together and exploring the fair.

Later on in the day, they headed over to Cross Creek. Minnie and Henry did a little shopping and we’re then spotted hanging out by the fountain.  It looks like little Henry was dying to splash in it!



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Minnie Driver And Son Henry Are Out And About

Well here is a celebrity tot that we don’t get to see too often! Little Henry Driver was spotted out and about with his mother, actress Minnie Driver in Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday afternoon. It looks like little Henry already loves the camera as he was snapped smiling and pointing to the photographers in front of him.

Considering that Henry already has Hollywood in his blood, there is a good chance that we might see him on the big screen one day. 🙂 What do you think, Babyrazzi readers? He sure is a cutie, isn’t he?

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