Vanessa Minnillo’s Mom Didn’t Know About The Wedding

Helen Bondoc is Vanessa Minnillo’s mother. But, Bondoc has not seen her daugher since she was 9-years-old. She didn’t even know Minnillo was getting married.

When shown a picture of Vanessa, Bondoc gets emotional. “Oh my goodness, she’s beautiful! She’s changed so much, though I can still see that little scar on her forehead from where she picked at her chicken pox when she was a child. I didn’t have a clue that Vanessa was getting married. We last spoke about 12 years ago, on the phone. I just wanted to talk to her and tell her everything straight about my life. But I still think about her all the time, and I still love her dearly.”

So why the animosity? Helen dropped Vanessa and her brother off at their fathers when she was 9. She said to “keep them for now.” And Helen never came back.

So sad.

Photos by Fame

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