Tiffani Thiessen Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Fullscreen capture 722015 33500 PMCongratulations are in order for Tiffani Thiessen and her husband Brady Smith!  The actress welcomed a baby boy yesterday, she confirmed on Instagram! [Read more…]

Has A Swimmer On Her Hands; Sad The Baby Stage Is Over

Tiffani Thiessen

Actress Tiffani Thiessen was a lucky mom, sharing that her daughter Harper, 3, skipped those “dreaded” terrible twos and has gone straight to that independent stage of “I can do it on my own, mom!”.

The celeb mom shares that Harper is also a good mix of girly and tomboy, “She’s definitely hit the independent stage: she’s a rumble-tumble. She loves putting bows on, but she loves to climb.”

Harper is not only loving to climb, but she’s swimming now, too!  Tiffani says about her little fish: “She’s fully swimming across our pool! No floaties, no nothing — it’s crazy,”

“There’s nothing baby about that kid anymore — which is hard!”

Did your kids hit those “terrible two’s” or was it more difficult when they were in the threes?

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Tiffani Thiessen And Harper Have A Princess Date

‘White Collar’ actress Tiffani Thiessen also hit the purple carpet yesterday afternoon in L.A. for the storybook launch of ‘Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess’.  Tiffani and her daughter Harper, 2 1/2 were all smiles as they made their way into the theater, with Harper Renn sporting a cute blue tiara.

Tiffani is such a tiny woman, so is it just me – or does she look like she’s dressing to hide a baby bump? It could just be the way she’s holding Harper, in addition to the style of the shirt and jacket she has on.  We certainly don’t want to start any pregnancy rumors, but she’s definitely on my bump watch list for a few weeks….


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Tiffani Thiessen And Harper Enjoying Summer Vacation

Tiffani Thiessen and her sweetheart Harper Renn have been enjoying Tiffani’s time off from work this summer.  The doting mom shared a series of Twitter pics over the past week of her adorable daughter.

The White Collar actress shared: “A gorgeous day in NYC” (above) and then the two photos seen below in the gallery – “Shopping @LKBennett” and “And my Sunday”, showing Harper on a boat dock.

I’m sure it’ll be hard to get back into the routine of work schedules once her show starts filming again for the new season.

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Sweet Tweets: Tiffani Thiessen And Her Daughter

White Collar” actress Tiffani Thiessen shared her snooze-filled day with her daughter, Harper.  Tiffani Tweeted out: “A little nap”, with this adorable photo of Harper and herself crashed out.

Tiffani has been keeping things low-key during her time off from filming White Collar.  I’m sure it will be back to work in no time for the busy mom.

Photos by Tiffani’s Twitter

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