Giuliana Rancic Miscarried

Giuliana Rancic has been anything but private about her infertility issues with husband Bill Rancic on her reality tv show, ‘Giuliana & Bill’.

The E! News host has been struggling for over a year to get pregnant natually. Turning to IVF, Giuliana shared her painful journey and experience on ‘The View’ this morning about the process. Giuliana said:

It’s hard to talk about. This is actually the first time we are talking about this, because nobody knew we were pregnant. And it was really scary. I’m sorry I’m getting a little emotional, but about eight weeks in we went for a routine ultrasound and the nurse looked very concerned. She brought in the doctor and he looked concerned. So he said ‘Go wait for me in my office I’m going to review this a little more.’ And when we were in there he came in…and we just knew that something wrong. And I broke down and I couldn’t believe it. Our pregnancy was going beautifully. We had told our family. We had confided in people and told them and we were just thrilled.

Bill confirmed that the look in the doctor’s eyes was because Giuliana had miscarried. The reason for the miscarriage?

He said it was a chromosomal issue. That it was actually a blessing in disguise. The body was doing its job, said Giuliana.

She also explained that she has mature eggs, otherwise known as an “egg factor.”

So does this mean the end of the road for Giuliana and Bill? Giuliana said:

We are really looking at all of our options. I mean, listen whether it’s IVF or whatever it is, we want to have a baby and we will have a baby.

It’s so sad to see a couple struggle to get pregnant.  We wish them luck in having a baby, even if it’s adoption.

Photos by FAME