Opens Up About The Stress Of Raising Eight Kids Alone

Kate Gosselin Promotes New Book in Baltimore

Kate Gosselin usually puts on a brave face and a “tough mom” face for the public, but the mother of eight admits that the stress of it all gets overwhelming.  Kate and her kids are filming a special for TLC, which airs tomorrow night.  Kate gets candid and talks about single parenting.

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Kate Gosselin: Don’t Worry About Us!

Now that TLC has cancelled Kate Plus 8, mayn fans are worried about where Kate Gosselin will come up with the means to provide for all eight of her children.

But fret not. Kate tweets, “Thx every1 4 ur kind wishes of support& concern. Providing 4My kids has alwys come 1st,this remains,&I’ll fig it out! PLS don’t wrry abt us!”

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