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gisele & son instagramLooks like Gisele and her son Benjamin are enjoying some fun in the sun! The supermodel posted this pic on Instagram of herself and her son. Love how Gisele’s color-coordinated their outfits (from what we can see of them at least).

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Flies High With Daughter Vivian Brady

Gisele Bundchen & Daughter Vivian Departing On A Flight At LAX

Gorgeous supermodel mom Gisele Bundchen was spotted at LAX this week as she grabbed a flight out with her daughter Vivian Brady. Gisele and Vivian were the fashionable duo as they made their way through the airport together.  Vivian’s baby UGGs are the cutest thing I’ve seen this week (even though it’s only Monday).

Gisele was on her way to NYC for some fashion week festivities.  After she landed, she immediately got ready for a party.  Gisele shared, “on my way to the launch of the fragrance #VIP212Rosé #CarolinaHerrera”.  She added the photo below.  Stunning, as always!


Photos by Fameflynet & Instagram

Supermodel Mama Is A Multi-Tasker


Supermodel mom Gisele Bundchen gives us a glimpse at how she balances her work with her growing family.  The model and celebrity mom showed off this sweet photo on Instagram today.  Gisele is feeding her daughter Vivian while her glam team gets her ready for a photoshoot.

Gisele wrote, “What would I do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep #multitasking #gettingready.”

Oh if only we all had a glam team to get us ready for the day while we took care of other mommy things, right?  But thankfully my job isn’t to get glammed up on a daily basis!   (although I wouldn’t pass up Gisele’s paycheck!)


Photos by fameflynet

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