Louis Bullock Bonds With George Clooney Through Basketball

'Gravity' New York Premiere

Sandra Bullock shared recently that her son Louis was enjoying guy time on the set with her “Gravity” co-star George Clooney.  During an interview this week, George shared exactly what their bonding time entailed.

George says that he and the other males (including little Louis) bonded over shooting hoops!  “Louis and I played basketball together.  There was [director] Alfonso [Cuarón] and Rande Gerber, and Louis would gravitate towards me and the guys and hang with us.”

George joked that Sandra was ruining his rep by telling everyone what a sweetheart he is with kids.  “It was fun, but I wish Sandy would stop telling the story, because it’s totally ruining my reputation!”

Their movie opens tomorrow – are you planning to check it out?


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Stacy Keibler Says She Is Not Interested In Having Kids

So I guess this is a match made in Hollywood heaven? As we all know, George Clooney has made it quite clear in the past that he’s not one that is interested in getting married or having kids and it seems like his girlfriend Stacy Keibler shares those same sentiments. In a new interview, the former model says:

“That is not on my radar at all. I’m definitely the girl who doesn’t talk about that kind of stuff. I’m not really interested in thinking about marriage or kids at all.”

“I live in the moment. I’m more of a guy that way.”

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Rumor Debunked: Stacy Keibler Not Pregnant

Whoa mama! George Clooney‘s girlfriend is definitely making a statement in the above photo she tweeted by slamming rumors that she is expecting the Hollywood actor’s first child. With a six pack like that, there is no doubt that this girl isn’t pregnant! The Italian media recently reported that Stacy was expected after she was photographed looking a little rounder in the stomach area. Clearly, that was just a bad camera angle.

On the other hand though, we can’t help but wonder, is George Clooney ever going to become a father? Because clearly with his handsome looks and a gorgeous girlfriend like Stacy, they would make one beautiful baby!

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