Gene Simmons Is A “Very Strict” Parent

Gene Simmons Family Jewels is now in its sixth season, but the Kiss rocker says he has no regrets of letting cameras into his intimate family life.

In a new interview with Parade magazine, Gene opens up about his 28-year relationship with Shannon Tweed, and explains why parents need to keep their kids in check.

He has no regrets when it comes to the show. “No, it’s good for me. It’s good for us. I saw it as an opportunity to spread my brand. Little did I know that America and the rest of the world would fall in love with Shannon, Nick, and Sophie. People love them. And what’s not to love? All parents feel that way about their kids, but in our case, it happens to be true!”

On being there for his kids: “I didn’t want to become my father. I know what it felt like growing up without a father. I’ll be damned if I would have let that happen to Nick and Sophie.”

Parenting 101 with Gene Simmons. “We’re very strict. You behave well because you’re not allowed not to. It’s as simple as that. There are no drugs, no booze, and no cigarettes because you’re not allowed to. You don’t talk potty talk because you’re not allowed to. The idea that kids slam the door to their rooms on these TV shows is the height of lunacy. All that dribble that Dr. Spock was mouthing — he was basically farting through his mouth. Negotiating with your children? Absolutely not.”

Oh his work-in-progress relationship with Shannon: “Well, when you have a cut on your hand, it doesn’t heal overnight. It takes time, and if you don’t take care of it, it gets inflamed. We’re working on it. It’s not easy on the kids, Shannon, or myself.”

Photos by Pacific Coast News

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