The mountain buggy freerider

Recently I have been trying out lots of ride on boards with my 3 sons. I’ve been trying to get us down to a single, which means that I need one of the boys to ride on the back of his sister’s stroller. So far, most of the various board and stroller combinations we’ve tried have been a big bust for various reasons. My oldest would never even consider riding on a board from as early as age 2  because riding in, on or anywhere near a stroller was for babies. One scared (and hurt) my current 2 year old so badly that he would not under any circumstances even consider getting back on another board. That is, until he saw the freerider from mountain buggy. In our case, big boys and small boys do ride if it’s on a freerider.

Even though our mountain buggy duo is the only stroller we’ve been happy to use with a ride-on board, mountain buggy has come up with a  way to make it even better by designing their very own, very unique board. The freerider is unique in that it’s shaped like a scooter, which appeals to a little one’s sense of adventure and makes them immediately feel far more grown up. The older ones just think it’s cool enough to make riding acceptable and even fun. The scooter design also offers a handle that is sized and placed perfectly for a child to grab onto while riding and makes smaller children feel very secure. The look of it literally will make any child want to hop right on, board phobic or not. All 3 boys fought over who would ride, including the 2 year old who has been adamantly opposed to even board-related discussions since a previous test ride on another new board. He jumped on our freerider and had to be pried off kicking and screaming for more. He loved it and wasn’t scared at all. He fit perfectly and adored the handle.

We tested the freerider with a mountain buggy urban jungle, which very nicely allows your child to stand on a board with the handle behind their head which is great, but having their very own scooter handle to grab makes it feel not just safer and far less scary, but super fun. All 3 of my boys tested the freerider, 2 (33 months), 4 and 6 (42 lbs) and it worked well with all 3, from the bottom of the age limit right up to the top of the weight limit of 44 pounds. The board does stick out further to the rear than some others. I have a very long stride, so I did have to walk a bit to the side if it’s in the center of the stroller. The nice thing about the freerider adapter is that you can position it anywhere on the rear tube, so you can push it more to one side if you want a bit more legroom in front of you or right in the middle if you want to balance out the weight depending on your combination of riders. With a very heavy rider on the board and a light rider in the seat (19 mo old girl) I felt a bit better with the board in the middle, otherwise to the side offers less chance of kicking. The included adapter will work with all current mountain buggy stroller models, including the duo and the soon to be released duet and +one. This is great because you can use it to transport 3 children. The freerider can also be used with certain older models, the swift urban, urban elite and double urban, but not the early terrain and breeze models. Additional adapters are currently in the works for other stroller brands, including phil&teds, bugaboo, baby jogger plus several others and are due for release soon. When you don’t want to use the board it can easily be folded up out of the way (there’s even a place to put the handle) or it pops off very easily, which is part of it’s very unique charm.

The freerider pops off and, with a flip of the wheel, becomes exactly what it looks like, a freewheeling scooter. And I can tell you that this is a very popular feature. Just knowing that it pops off and turns into a scooter, makes my 3 year old more willing to ride when I need him too, but actually using it as a scooter is his favorite thing right now. As soon as he sees it he asks for his helmet. And it’s so simple to go back and forth, you really just pop a button to remove it from the stroller (which also means it’s easy to remove whenever you want, not just for scooting) and flip the wheel down into swivel mode. That’s it. The board has a non-skid surface, so it’s secure for little feet both on and off the stroller and it offers a rear wheel brake for scooter mode. Another plus, when you don’t need the board on the back of your stroller, you still have a fabulous ride that your child will love instead of just a big hunk of plastic sitting in the garage or closet. Multiple lives are always so much more pleasant. And life with the freerider is so much more pleasant for us here. I now have 3 boys that will ride when needed, which makes my life easier and they all love, love love this board, both on and off the stroller. The very fabulous freerider is available in 4 colors, orange, blue, black and pink and retails for $99.99.

If you need to add a bit more flexibility and fun to your stroller, the freerider is the perfect choice. Please visit the mountian buggy site for more details on the freerider and it’s upcoming additional adapters. While there, do watch the video to see the very fun freerider in action.

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