Frankie Boyle Facing Further Probe Into Katie Price Son Jokes

Scottish funnyman Frankie Boyle’s woes are worsening – he is facing a possible probe by a human rights watchdog over his jibes about model-turned-reality TV star Katie Price’s disabled son.

The comedian made several gags about eight-year-old Harvey – who is blind and autistic – during his Tramadol Nights show on U.K. network Channel 4 earlier this month (Dec10).  Furious Price called in her lawyers and lodged a complaint with British broadcasting watchdog Ofcom – and now Boyle is facing claims his comments breached the Disability Discrimination Act.  Dr. Tom Pey, chief executive of the Royal London Society for Blind People, has written to officials at the Equality and Human Rights Commission demanding an investigation into Boyle’s comments.
He wrote,

“It is of course legitimate to parody someone in the public eye… but it is quite another thing to mock a blind, autistic child, who is not in a position to fight back.”

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