Frankenpop Awesomeness From The Kitchen Explorers And PBS Parents

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Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s big time fun these days. Also, who doesn’t love crafts and treats? Dare I say, no one…non one doesn’t love sweet craft Halloween magic.  Well, along with finding the perfect costume and carving a terrifying jack-o-lantern, creating monster-themed sweet treats is a Halloween highlight.

The Kitchen Explorers from PBS Parents make magic in the kitchen with a team of kids in costumes and create professional-looking Frankenstein pops using only marshmallows, sticks, melted chocolate, and materials on hand in any kitchen, here:

The Kitchen Explorers – a production of PBS Digital Studios – helps families discover new dishes and ways to make good-for-you foods tasty.  For more recipes: You should check this out not only for Halloween, but all year long! Good stuff, that will be a blast for you and your brood.

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