Super Bowl Sunday With Axl Jack

Fergie Having A Busy Super Bowl Sunday

Fergie and her son Axl Jack had an exciting Super Bowl Sunday together, running around from party to party.  Fergie and Axl stopped by their church for a little Super Bowl get together and then they visited with a family member before heading to her mom’s to watch the game.

Fergie was in the Super Bowl spirit with her jersey, paired with heels and black leggings.  Little Axl was too cute in his football crocheted hat!

Josh Tweeted during the game last night, sounding like a lot of other football fans – bored to tears!  And feeling a little bad for the Denver Broncos.  Josh didn’t say if he was watching the game with Fergie and her family or if he was spending it with his buddies.

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Hot Mama Shows Off New Photo Of Son Axl


One of the perks of being a celebrity parent is often getting to bring your kids to work with you!  Fergie had a blast doing some work for Avon this week, especially since she got to balance it with some time spent with her son Axl JackFergie showed off her amazingly trim post-baby body in a gorgeous red mini dress while she held Axl for the cameras.

Fergie shared with her followers, “Mama got to hang with her lil homie today on the set of her #avonoutspoken shoot.”   She’s working with Avon to create some promotional material for her fragrance “Outspoken”.

Fergie isn’t the first celebrity mom to do work with beauty brand Avon, others have included Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek and even Cher!

He Does Diapers While Fergie Does Everything Else

Josh, Axl & Fergie Visit Oliver Hudson In Brentwood

Josh Duhamel is no slouch in the daddy department, but the humble husband gives wife Fergie all the credit.  At a Sundance Film Festival event Josh gushed about his wife and their new son Axl Jack.

Josh shared that Fergie is in charge of Axl’s outfits.  “It’s not me! She’s much more fashion conscious than I am. That’s all Fergs- that’s not me.”  He also shared that his department is diapers and Fergie takes care of everything else, but we’re pretty sure he’s helping out there, too.  “I’m diaper duty and she’s everything else. She’s a great mom – that’s for sure!”


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Josh Duhamel And Fergie
Take Axl For A Playdate At Oliver Hudson’s House

Josh, Axl & Fergie Visit Oliver Hudson In Brentwood

Here’s one celeb kid who is getting cuter by the minute!  Josh Duhamel and Fergie took their son Axl out in Brentwood.  The celebrity parents were photographed as they arrived at friend Oliver Hudson’s house.  For those not “in the know”, Oliver is Kate Hudson’s brother and also stars on “Nashville” currently.  Axl was too too cute in his “big guys” outfit: jeans, little baby Converse and a zip up hoodie, as dad Josh carried him to the house.

Oliver and his wife welcomed their third baby late this summer, so their daughter Rio and Axl are about the same age.  Oliver also has two other sons (Wilder and Bohdi), so there will be plenty of playdate possibilities when Axl gets a little older!

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