‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Gets Into Breakup Squabble

Teen Mom cast member Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend Daniel Alvarez broke up on August 13 and it’s because of Farrah’s spoiled ways!

“She was getting really rude to his friends,” a source tells Star magazine. “He put up with a lot from her, but when she started mistreating his friends for no reason he got really upset.”

“She was demanding and bossy and belittled me,” Daniel admits. “There was nothing you could say to her — she thinks she is right no matter what.”

“Farrah is very alone and can’t keep relationships,” explains Daniel. “She says, ‘It’s because people are jealous of me; I was the most beautiful girl in the school.’ [But] until she was 16, she was given everything, and when she wasn’t she would throw a fit. So between that and the show, she is on a power trip.”

On August 16, Farrah apparently tweeted this message, “He dumped me … @ImDanielAlvarez ur so immature and unimportant.”

But Farrah took down the tweet and claims that Daniel hacked into her account.

“SORRY. Daniel my ex hacked my twitter. I don’t care to talk further. Im moving forward . Please just know he is purposely wanting attention,” she said that same day.

“@ImDanielAlvarez we all see you running , lmao good job at trying to get attention,” Farrah continued to write. ”@ImDanielAlvarez Coward. stay away from my accounts. Hope you enjoy the attention you wanted to get from talking to me”

Daniel responded: “Wow @F1abraham I’m amused by your attempt to belittle me & make me appear like a real prick. One cannot run from the truth…”

Let’s hope Farrah can put her focus back on her daughter.

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