New Mom Body Shamed For Wearing Bikini

mom body shamed for post-baby bodyOMG. Lexi Sinclair gave birth to her first child, Christian, four months ago. She decided to relax at the pool for a bit and wore a bikini. Apparently, not everyone was a fan of her swimwear.

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Rapper T.I. And Tiny Announce Baby Girl’s Name

t.i. and heiressRapper T.I. and Tiny welcomed their third child together (and T.I.’s seventh child overall), but T.I. wasn’t too happy that the news got out before he had a chance to announce it himself. At least he and Tiny got to control announce the baby’s gender- a girl- and their daughter’s name.

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Princess Leonore Has Birthday Tea Party

princess leonoreWe talk a lot about the British royal family, the Windsors, but they aren’t the only royals across the pond. There’s also a Swedish royal family, including Princess Madeline and her adorable daughter, Princess Leonore, who turned two! She had a tea party to celebrate, and Princess Madeline shared some photos from the event.

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Dillard Employee Gets Earful From Mom After Daughter Told She Needs Spanx (Video)

mom defends daughter against dillard employeeMy jaw is still hanging open after reading this story. Megan Naramore Harris took her 13-year-old daughter Lexi out shopping for a dress for a formal event. They found a dress but, just to have some fun, Megan had her daughter try on another dress (the one pictured above). A Dillard sales associate (Dillard is a department store, for those of you unfamiliar with the chain) happened to pass by and told Lexi that she needed Spanx if she wanted to wear that dress. OMG.

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Mom Thanks Apple Employee

mom letter to apple employeeLynnMarie Rink’s experience with her son James at an Apple store showed that it’s the small actions that matter. Her Facebook note thanking the Apple store employee went viral and serves as a powerful lesson for all of us. Read her story after the break.

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