Reveals That She Loves Being A Stepmom


According to rapper and chart topper Eve, one of the best roles she has in her life is that of being a stepmom. The hitmaker recently opened up to Redbook magazine, where she talked about her latest album and being a stepmom. Here are some highlights from her interview:

On releasing her first album in 11 years:

“It feels like I’m a new artist, on the artist side. But on the business side, because I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s like riding a bike. But on the artist side, I do feel new, I feel shy.”

On having any tattoo regrets from when she was younger:

“They all still have meaning — even when I’ve had to cover one up. I’ve only had to do that twice — one because it was a name and one had a mistake. But they each tell a story. I’ve gotten my tattoos in different countries that I love — so it’s like a map. A scrapbook. You can’t regret decisions you make. You were in a certain place at a certain time and it’s okay, it was meant for you at that moment, and it tells the story of you.”

On getting along with boyfriend Maximillion Cooper’s children:

“I’m in straight stepmom mode. When I’m away, we video chat. I miss them.  It’s been three years now and we’ve done family vacations. Now, they’re rooting for a baby sister or brother. They’ll say, “I want a brown baby sister or a brown baby brother” which I think is hilarious! So, we’ll see what happens.”

On hearing that  her boyfriend’s friends didn’t like her right away:

“Yeah. They can kiss my a**. But you know what, I get it. Here’s this girl rapper — that’s all they saw. As good friends do, they Googled and then they saw crazy s***. My life’s not been — you know, it’s had some crazy moments. So I guess they were being good friends in a way. That was the past; everyone has a past. Some of his friends are great. He never told me exactly who said what. I always guessed, so I have my own little grudges.”

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