Eric Bana Plays Swim Teacher With His Kids

Eric Bana is teaching his kids how to swim.

The actor wants to make sure his two children – Klaus (11) and Sophia (8) – are able to swim, especially growing up in their seaside upbringing in Australia.

“I do think it’s a responsibility especially in Australia to teach your kids swimming,” says Eric. “The first thing that you’re very aware of in terms of a primal thing that you have to teach a child is how to swim.

“We live our lives by the water and if you don’t know how to swim in Australia, it’s like not knowing how to cross a road. It’s an incredible survival thing that you really must learn when you’re a child because you don’t see a lot of 40-year-olds learning to swim. Throw them in the surf and let them get used to it!”

Photos by Fame pictures

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