Get Your Children to Love Brushing Their Teeth (No, really)


I know it can be a tough time getting kids to brush their teeth..and to brush it the right way. I deal with it every morning and night time…breath check…ok, get back in there and count it out. Oh yea, and prime candy-time Halloween is fast approaching.  But what if there was a toothbrush that could brush your children’s teeth for them?

Introducing Emmi-dent, the revolutionary new toothbrush that uses 100% ultrasound technology to clean teeth and gums – without brushing!  I know it sounds crazy, but you did in fact read that correctly.  It’s also super easy kids to use.  I mean, you literally just hold the brush against your teeth and the ultrasound waves react with nano-bubbles in Emmi-dent’s toothpaste to blast bacteria off of teeth and gums! It’s awesome, man, real cool…  My kids actually wanted to brush his teeth after I told them about that. It was like playtime at bedtime. So much easier this way.

Emmi-dent’s ultrasonic toothbrush is also far gentler on teeth and gums than traditional toothbrushes and other electronic models, yet is clinically proven to clean more effectively.  It doesn’t wear away at tooth enamel or irritate sensitive gums, and the nano-bubbles are able to clean gum pockets that brushing and flossing can’t reach. Emmi-dent has adult and child brush sizes, and even makes a special brush head for those with braces.

Have any questions (I know it sounds crazy), they have answers! Check out the FAQs!

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