Elle Macpherson’s Tears Over Dad’s Cancer

Supermodel Elle Macpherson broke down in tears during a fashion show in Australia on Wednesday (2/23) as she opened up about her dad’s illness.

The beauty traveled to her native country from her adopted Britain to take to the catwalk in Sydney, launching airline Virgin Blue’s new pilots’ uniform. But she was so overcome being back Down Under near her family, she welled up as she talked about father Peter Gow, who had surgery two weeks ago to treat prostate cancer. She told the crowd as her voice broke,

“It’s wonderful to be home. I miss my family… I’m going to get a bit emotional… particularly (for) my dad, who is a bit unwell.”

Gow was given the all-clear following the operation, and he has put Macpherson’s emotions down to jet lag.
He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph,

“I have been a bit unwell. I’m sorry Elle was upset. She is probably a bit tired after travelling a long way. We love each other very much and I draw incredible strength from my children. She is probably a bit tired after travelling a long way. I’m on the way back. They are confident they got it all. It has been a bit of a shock actually.”

We wish him well.

Photos by Barcroft/Fame pictures

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