UPDATE: Eli Manning And Abby McGrew Expecting Their Third Child!

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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife Abby McGrew are expecting their third child together!  His rep confirmed the news this week after they were spotted together and Abby was sporting an undeniable baby bump!

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Talks Special Relationship Between Dog and Daughters


Super Bowl champ and celeb dad Eli Manning has teamed up for Purina Pro Plan’s Manning Vs Dog Challenge.  During an event for the program in NYC, the NFL star shared that his own dog, Chester, is terrific with his kids, Ava, 2, and Lucy, 7 months.

Eli shared that Chester, a King Charles Cavalier, is great for his daughters. He shared that he and his wife grew up with Labradors and wanted their kids to have animals, too.  “He’s sweet with our kids. It’s fun seeing my oldest starting to interact and wanting to play fetch and them having their own special relationship.”

Did you grow up with dogs? Did that make you want your own kids to have pets, too?

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Eli Manning’s Family Continues To Make A Splash In Miami

Eli Manning and his family are still enjoying some sun and fun in Miami this week.

Eli, his wife Abby and their daughter Ava have been spotted all around the city together.  First they had a family outing at the beach and now they’re spotted playing in the pool.

Abby just turned a year old last month!


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Eli Manning Takes His Family To The Beach

NFL star Eli Manning was spotted spending a family day on the beach in Miami on Monday afternoon.

The quarterback played in the sand with his daughter, Ava, while his wife Abby spent time in the warm water with family and friends. It looks like life is a beach for this family!

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Eli Manning’s Daughter Is A Football Fan Already

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning shares that his daughter Ava, 7 months, is already a football fan.

“She’s been to two Giants games, we won one, we lost one, but she enjoyed both of them.  It’s getting a little chillier now, so we’ll see if she makes any more or not.”

Eli shares that mom Abby dresses her up for the special occasions:

“She does have a little jersey, [but] it’s not what she wore to the games — my wife kind of gets her all dressed up.  She’s always got a bow in her hair, and she’s always dressed for the occasion.”

The proud pop says that Ava is almost crawling, but is mastering another feat:

“She’s doing great … she’s doing awesome.  She’s sitting up perfectly and not falling over too many times.”

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