Dizzee Rascal Would Like Loads Of Children

Rapper Dizzee Rascal may young, single, and looking to mingle now – but he admitted to wanting a family life in the future.

He said:

“I’d love to settle down and have loads of kids.

“I’d raise them properly and pass on all my knowledge. I would show them how to value life, as a lot of people don’t.

“If you don’t value your own life, you’re never going to value anyone else’s.”

And Dizzee Rascal, original name Dylan Mills, values where came from and he has never forgotten his roots.

He added to Reveal magazine:

“People always ask me if I’ve ever returned to my old stomping ground but I’m always there. I still have loads of friends who live on the estate.

“There was a lot that I loved about growing up. Now I look back and am glad I had those experiences. I learned the value of money and about community spirit.

“I felt more of a sense of community on a council estate than anywhere I’ve lived since.”

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